Benefits: 30% off nanny placement with contract for Newborn Care or House Manager/Family Assistant. Unlimited on-call sitter placement.

Nanny (Full & Part Time)

Discover your ideal childcare provider with our meticulous screening process. Beyond national background checks, social security trace, sex offender registry, and motor vehicle checks, our distinctive industry-focused interviews delve into honesty, experience verification, and character assessment. This unique approach guarantees the perfect alignment between our carefully vetted nannies and your family’s needs.

Fee of “$5,000 – with 90 day guarantee

Thorough Vetting Process:
Rigorous background checks and industry-specific interviews guarantee the highest standards of trust, experience, and character in our nannies.
Personalized Matchmaking:
Tailored selection ensures a perfect fit between our carefully vetted nannies and the unique needs of your family, fostering a harmonious and supportive environment.

Newborn Care

Choose custom packages that suit your family’s unique needs; we understand that one size doesn’t fit all! Our services are available as needed, through monthly contracts, or hourly packages. Each specialist, with years of experience, supports breastfeeding, bottle feeding, umbilical care, swaddling, safe sleeping practices, sibling integration, and postpartum depression and anxiety. Our expertise extends to the entire family, making the extraordinary transition with a new baby impeccably smooth.

Fees vary based on geographical location. Please contact us!

Tailored Service Packages:
Customized solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your family, whether on an as-needed basis, through monthly contracts, or hourly packages.
Comprehensive Specialist Support:
Experienced specialists offer holistic support in breastfeeding, umbilical care, safe sleep practices, and postpartum well-being, ensuring your family thrives.

House Management & Family Assistantance

Experience life simplified with our dedicated household manager, tackling your never-ending to-do list—grocery shopping, meal prep, package returns, and laundry. Running a household is a full-time job, stealing family time. Picture returning to an organized home with dinner ready. Our adaptable support lightens your load; let us know your needs!

Fees vary based on geographical location. Please contact us!

Comprehensive Task Management:
From grocery shopping to laundry, we handle diverse household tasks with efficiency.
Personalized Support:
Our adaptable services cater to your evolving needs, ensuring a harmonious balance in your home

On-Call Sitting

Indulge in worry-free date nights with our exceptional sitting services. Our trained caregivers provide a safe and engaging environment for your little ones. With background-checked sitters and personalized care, you can enjoy your evening knowing your children are in capable hands.

$50 per babysitter placement

Safe and Engaging Care:
Trained caregivers ensure a secure and enjoyable environment for your children.
Background-Checked Sitters:
Our sitters undergo thorough background checks, ensuring your peace of mind during your night out.